Lost in a Tropical Forest

by Veronica

Behind a tree in Central America there was a den filled with dirt, straw and stones. It was well protected by a fallen tree in a dark, dense thicket. In the den there were three baby ocelots Tommy, Holly, and Mollie. They had small pink noses, large brown eyes and stripped and spotted golden and black fur.

When they woke up on a humid morning they noticed their mother Dolly was missing. With their keen sense if smell, hearing and good eye sight they set out looking for their mother. They looked very hard, but soon their legs became ached, tired and swollen. When they were not successful

In finding Dolly they decided to go home and look tomorrow.

When they turned to leave they noticed that they were lost! They didn’t remember anything that was there and decided they would have to rest somewhere else. They found a big tree with a fairley large hollow and used their powerful claws and jaws to climb up. They each found a comfortable limb. They stretched and fell asleep.

When they woke up they wanted to take a swim and search for something to eat. While they were hunting for a bird, fish or plump rabbit, Mollie saw a bush. She was very curious and decided to explore it. She ran in but ran right back out with great speed with a swarm of animals right behind her. Tom pounced on a rabbit and had a filling meal. After they ate they took a swim in a clear sparkling river.

They remembered about Dolly and they hurdled down a steep, rugged hill and came face to face with big ugly warthog! Being very small it was hard to dodge him. All three gave an extremely large pounce and the pig ran away squealing. Holly's long soft tail was limp so Mollie and Tommy made a bed of leaves and let Holly get better. After that experience they were much more careful!

Later they saw a hunter and tried to stay camouflaged so they would not be seen. They saw construction workers tearing down long huge trees!

They scurried into a large rocky den. They heard a loud screech and saw an ocelot, to their surprise it was their mother! Dolly sniffed and then to noticed it was her children. They told each other what had happened.

Dolly told them how she had left to find their morning meal when a hunter in a camouflage outfit began watching her. She was sure that he was coming for her. She told them that they wanted their fur for 4,000 dollars each!

Dolly didn't know her way home so they decided to make a new place bigger for all of them next to their favorite place… the river!

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