by Roy

The mother began to lay her eggs in the sand, and she leaves her eggs and she goes into the ocean. All three hundred turtles come out, and the last one was named Bucky. The turtles color and shapes are black, brown, and red. They have hearted shaped shells, and have claws. It looks like tie die and its name is Hawks Bill because for its bird like beak.

They were all running to the ocean because they did not want to get eaten by a seagull. Bucky got caught by a seagull and the seagull by accident the seagull by accident dropped Bucky in to this mysterious land. It looks scary because there are owls, mud, flies, trees, and vines. He is very scared because he is afraid that a person will get him and make him out of combs and eyeglasses.

He searches and searches and does not find not one reptile like him, and he says ''my life is over,', and then he goes to sleep for three hours and three hours later he wakes up, and needs to eat and he eats mollusk and fish.

Then he starts looking for help and then he trips over a rock and falls down a big hill that is rocky and big. Then he stops and looks up and sees a lot of big, black, old rocks coming down right at him. He dives headfirst to safety and sees a five headed turtle each head has a name. It looks ugly, gross, and weird and their names are Richie, Danny, Greg, Jon, and Peter.

Bucky is scared but he wants to go home were he lives in the deep dark ocean were the sponges and corals live.

Bucky asks, "Do you know were the sea is?"

Now Greg and Peter explains that one of us is telling the truth and Bucky takes Danny’s way and he was wrong he ends up where seagull’s were every. One seagull picks him up and then drops him in to the sea and he’s are finally home.

The End

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