Fergy's Adventure
by Richie

In a prairie dog town in the grasslands a mother blackfooted ferret, named Fergy, just had five babies. She named them Ned, Ted, Jed, Zed and Stue. She takes care of them for at least two days and she was already having cramps from playing and getting food for them. She also noticed the ferrets were growing quickly. "Don’t go outside!" she screamed at Ned. Ned was a curious ferret and she skew that it would get him in trouble some day. Ted, on the other hand, was not curious but he was brave. Jed was the only girl and she preferred to sleep a lot because she was so lazy. Zed and Stue were just about the same because they are both excitable and playful.

One day Jed was lying around trying to go to sleep, when Zed and Stue were playing tag,inside. Zed was being chased by Stue and he tripped over a small rock. Then he accidentally fell on Jed and woke her up. They got into a big fight. While they were fighting, Bogart Badger heard them and came to the top of one of the holes and started digging. Fergy heard the noise and rushed all her babies to the escape exit. She waited by the exit and listened to hear if the digging stopped. When Bogart had almost made the hole big enough to get in, Ping the prairie dog peeked around the corner of a bush to see what the noise was. Bogart saw Ping out of the corner of his eye and chased him back to his prairie dog town. But Ping was too fast and he got away.

The next day, in the morning, she explained to here children that Bogart had found there there den and he could return anytime. She told them that if they stayed here they’d be in great danger. "We're going to have to move and for the first time ever you will get to go outside." She checked the coast to see if it was clear and she counted all 5 of them as they proudly marched, in single file, out the hole leading to the grasslands above. The ferrets were amazed at the wonders of the grasses and all the little things crawling on branches." What's that?!" exclaimed Ned, being courious as usual. "Come on!" said Fergy because of cousre Jed was being very slow. Zed and Stue were running in large circles because they were so exited. They walked for a little while then they came to a very big tree. Ned was so mesmerized by the tree that he didn’t go on with Fergy! She counted them again and found only 4 babies! She got them all to trase there steps and when they got back to the tree, there was Ned trying to climb it! She boxed his ears and they went along. Soon they found a praire dog town and atacted it. It took a long time but finely there were no more dogs in it. They serched the premosis and found it was bigger than there old won. They fit in there and lived happily ever after.

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