Flying Freddy
By Nick

High in the mountains there was a peregine falcon family. Mrs. Falcon was expecting to lay some eggs. Mr. Falcon went to get dinner. When he got back he had no dinner. Mrs. Falcon said," Where is dinner?" "There is no dinner tonight," said Mr. Falcon." Why not?" Mrs. Falcon asked." When getting dinner I saw a man spray D.D.T into the river. The river runs into every waterway and I couldn’t find rodents or small birds. If I had gotten fish the eggs would have been affected. The sooner you lay the sooner we will eat."

Every night Mrs. Falcon tried to lay but she couldn't until one night she layed two fine eggs.

Mr. Falcon said," Now we can eat." "Yes!" said Mrs. Falcon. "I'll get the fish while you sit on the eggs."

Mr. and Mrs. Falcon waited patiently for the eggs to hatch. The day came when the eggs gradually started to break. There was a boy whom they named Freddy and a girl, which they named Freina.

One month later they were able to talk and walk. It was time to fly. Freina learned easily but Freddy was afraid of heights.

One day, as Mrs. Falcon was teaching Freina how to hunt, while Mr. Falcon was still teaching Fred to fly!

ONE-DAY Mr. falcon flew around with Freina, Freddy could see them from the nest. All of a sudden a net flew over them. Freddy gasped. "OH, NO!" Freddy said. He had to tell his mother, but he couldn’t. His mother was getting dinner. Then he saw a man put Freina, his mother, and father into a cage. He had to rescue them, but he couldn’t fly. So he called his friend Nuts, the raccoon, and his cousin Ted. Freddy said," Ted go fly down there and pester the man. Then Nuts you free my family and run." Ted said," O.K," and flew down and attacked the man and Nuts freed Freddy's family. Then the man came back with Ted in a net and pushed them all in a cage and pulled out a gun and was going to shoot them, but Freddy jumped out of the nest and freed his family! After that they had a party celebrating Freddy's fictory of flying and saving his family.

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