The Cotton Top Tamarin
by Nathan

A Cotton Top Tamarin is a mammal. It has one baby every year. It has a tail to help it swing from tree to tree. It eats leaves, fruit, insects, plants, frogs, spiders and small vertebrates. It could reach length of 8 inches. Its life length could last to 10-15 years. The Cotton Top Tamarin could weigh 1-15 pounds. Its tail length could reach to 12-17 inches. Its colors are brown with a white under parts, white to head to the neck and thumb. The nails of the cotton Top Tamarin are peach color.

One day there was a great cotton top Tamarin that was very nice and loving. One day the cotton top went to his cousin's house in the North American Forest. He went there because his parents went away and they told him to go there. His cousin was swinging on the trees and a man shot him and after that he put him in a bag. That day I was so sad and scared. The next day he went out and looked for the mean man that killed his cousin.

He knew this kid that knew where every body lived so he went that kids house and he asked him where he lived and he told me where he lived. That same day he went out and caught a cad. He was going to North America. When he stopped, he went where the boy told me to go. he got there, was no problem finding the man. He had the biggest house in Africa. He sneaked in through the back door and he found his room and tied him up and then after that he set him on fire. He went back home and changed my cloth and put on some ordinary day cloth and after that he lived happily ever after.

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