Brian's Life
by Maureen

Once there was a mother Whooping Crane named Kathy. She was kind, caring, sweet, and generous. One day Kathy hatched 2 eggs. It was right before she and her husband Scott would be migrating south from Canada. Scott was also kind of laid back and he does not believe in server punishment. One day when one of Kathy's 2 eggs hatched she was so happy and she named it baby Brian. Brian was a cute, bouncing baby Crane.

Kathy and Scott abandoned the other egg and the nest because when they were finding food the nest was polluted. That is one way that Whooping Cranes become endangered.

Before they migrated Kathy and Scott had to teach Brian what to eat what not to eat like, snakes, frogs, snails, leaches, minnows, buries, small rodents, shell fish, acorns, small fish, wild fruit and roots of plants. One day while Scott was getting food for the migration from north central Canada to central North America to Mexico he flew into some electrical wires and died. This is another way that Whooping Cranes became endangered. Kathy and Brian were very sad and depressed but they knew that they had to go on with another group of Whooping Cranes or they would die also.

So when they joined another group of Whooping Cranes Brian met a girl, she was very pretty. She was white with long black legs and a long beak with a dot of red between her eyes and on the top of her head and black on the tip of her wings. She was about less then 7.3 k.g. and about 1.5 meters tall. She looked like all the other Whooping Crane but there was something different about her. Her name was Tina, but the other birds called her Tia for a nickname. Soon Tia and Brian got married and had a nest together. They too had 2 eggs; the one that hatched was named Scott.

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