by Maggie

Once upon a time there was a Mr. and Mrs. Bald Eagle. Mr. Bald Eagle was going to work and he put on his white feathery toupee. He works at a salmon factory. Mr. Bald Eagle’s job is to catch salmon at the Eagle Hunt Stream. He is able to bring home salmon for his family every day.

Mrs. Bald Eagle stays home and takes care of the eaglets in their large nest. Her nest is bigger than all of the other bird’s nests. All of the eaglets are brown and have yellow legs. Her job is to feed them small pieces of fish and watch over them. Mrs. Bald Eagle’s eyesight is 5-6 times sharper than a human’s. She is also teaching them to fly. Mrs. Eagle can fly 20 to 60 miles per hour and dive at more than 100 miles per hour.

One day Mr. Eagle was going to work and there was a big problem. The lights were out in the factory! The elderly eagle, the boss, came out of the factory with his worn out feathers and toupee. He looked disappointed and sad. He said, "The streams are drying out! The salmon are dying and swimming up north. We will have to go up north." Mr. Eagle went home and told his wife what happened and she was sad too.

Mr. Bald Eagle told his wife to pack their nest. Mrs. Bald eagle cried out, " The nest is 20 feet deep and ten feet wide! I am not going to build it over." Then Mrs. Bald Eagle cried out, " the eaglets are too young to fly or leave the nest".

The boss says, "We have to go or we’ll starve."

"We can’t leave, the eaglets can’t fly. They are only six weeks old. Eaglets cannot fly until they are at least 12 weeks. We only have three days to survive."

"Go without them," said the boss.

"We just can’t leave them."

The eagles got together to think of an idea to stay in the forest. Then one eagle had an idea. He said we could put the eaglets on our backs and fly north. Mr. Eagle said, " What if they fall?"

"It’s worth a try," said the eagle.

"Let’s ask the boss," said Mr. Bald Eagle. Mrs. Bald Eagle agrees with her husband.

Then the boss says, " I guess we could do it because if we don’t, we will all die." Then the neighbors flew in and wanted to help. The neighbors do not want to build their nest over either.

Mrs. Bald Eagle says, " I am with them." The boss comes up with a plan. He says, we will take the eaglets on our backs with eagle belts strapped around them. Then they won’t fall out.

"What about building the nest over?" states Mrs. Bald Eagle.

The boss says, "we will all work together to build a nest." Mrs. Bald Eagle feels that this is good idea. The neighbors agree too. The boss says, "We will leave in the morning."

The eagles are ready to fly north. They packed their extra feathers, dried salmon and feathered blankets for the eaglets. Mr. and Mrs. Bald Eagle dove back into their nest to check the rooms, to make sure they did not forget anything. They felt sad about leaving their home. The eaglets were placed on the mother eagle’s back and she sobbed a little bit. Mr. Eagle had the food, the feathered blankets and an extra toupee.

The Bald Eagles soared off on their long journey. Soon they will have to stop and preen their feathers because they get messy, while they glide through the whirling wind. Mr. Eagle uses his beak to groom his feathers.

While flying up north, they flew over a big stream. The Bald Eagles said, "Let’s stop by the big stream, we are tired." The next morning they realized that the eaglets were missing and that they had slept in the zoo. They saw their kids in a cage.

Mrs. Eagle screamed out, "What are we going to do?’ So they thought for a long time. Mr. Eagle had an idea! Mr. Bald Eagle thought he might bend the bars with his beak. He pried and pried to get between the bars, but it only budged a little. Mrs. Bald Eagle said, "Let me help you." The baby eaglets were getting upset and they wanted to get out.

Between the two of them, the bars bent enough to let the baby eaglets escape. Within a short time, the family was on its way North again.

The eagles’ journey finally came to an end. They found a beautiful forest with high cliffs and a big stream. Also, as luck would have it, they found a roomy nest of good size and in moving condition for sale. They talked to a Realtor and they bought it on the spot! Most importantly, they have a stream in the backyard.

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