Danger in the Forest of Panama
by Kai

"Holy killer cat," yelled Cailey, the fluffy Squirrel Monkey. Cailey was yelling at her brother Micky. Cailey and Micky hated cats. The furry, ferocious beats were their worst enemy. But right now they were more concerned about where they were going to live after their old and sick aunt died.

Even though Cailey and Micky didn’t like cats they had learned to accept their presence as a natural part of life in the forests of Panama, Central America.

Cailey and Micky learned how to dodge acts and other predators when they were little. Their aunt Borba, who was their favorite aunt in the whole world who had taught them all about cats and how to stay out of their way.

It was she who first saved them from the old, fat, snagged they called "killer."

Lately, Aunt Borba hadn’t been feeling so well. She warned Cailey and Micky that more deadly things then cats they loathed were killing their kind in great numbers. She said,

"We squirrel monkeys are an endangered species. Those ugly humans are cutting down our forest trees and spraying nasty stuff on the land from their sky birds (planes)." Cailey tried to tell Micky he didn’t understand what their aunt was talking about. Mickey asked him to be quite and he would explain later.

"Let’s go home, I’m hungry," said Cailey. Cailey’s stomach was growling as she began to think about the food squirrel monkeys love to eat.

"I can see it now, insects, bird eggs, nuts, and some delicious fruits." Said Mickey.

"I feel like I’m losing weight." Grumbled Cailey. Regularly squirrel monkeys weigh about one pound and eight ounces.

"Come on we have to get home," said Micky.

Cailey and Mickey did not relize how far away from home they had run to get away from Killer. Their usual ten minute walk was taking them a long time. When they finally saw their home they felt as if they had been walking for several hours.

When they went inside their house, it smelled really horrid and it was as quiet as a mouse.

"Aunt Borba, we are home," called Cailey.

"Come on let’s go to her room," said Micky.

They went to her room and looked at their aunt. She didn’t move. Micky and Cailey went over to her bed and her eyes were closed. They

could not hear her breathing. Aunt Borba was so pale. "What’s wrong with her, why isn’t she moving," said a very frightened Micky.

"I think, I think she is dead," cried Cailey

Cailey and Micky knew she was going to die soon, but they weren’t expecting it now.

"What a wonderful day, first we get attacked then our aunt dies," Micky cried sarcastically.

"Do you think she died because we are endangered?" asked Micky.

"We are endangered," asked Cailey.

"In Panama, the use of insecticides to fight yellow fever and malaria was a causing numerous deaths among our species," said Micky.

"How did you know about this?" asked Cailey.

Micky responded by saying "I saw it on a news report".

It was an hour later until they ran away. They didn’t know where they

Were going, but where ever it was they hoped it would be somewhere

safe. It was extremely easy to get past their predators because their

skin was very unique.

"You know Aunt Borba would be very proud of us," said Micky.

" I guess we are going to be okay," said Cailey.

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