by Gauri

One dry day on Galapagos Island, there lived a Mr. and Mrs. Iguana. Mr. and Mrs. Iguana had flat tails and curved spines. They were both about 4 or 5 feet tall. They were about 37 years old.

Mr. Iguana had gone looking for berries during breeding season. Mrs. Iguana was pregnant when he went and was awake.

A little while she later she was dozing, and while she was dozing, Mr. Hiss slithered by, and went back home to tell his family that when Mrs. Iguana was laid all her eggs and was fast asleep that they would go eat the eggs up.

"But what if Mr. Iguana is home awake?" Asked Cousin Hiss.

"We’ll make sure he isn't," answered Mrs. Hiss.

Back at the Iguana residence Mrs. Iguana had laid all her 30 eggs and was still dozing, when Mr. and Mrs. Hiss and Cousin Hiss slithered by making plans.

"I'll go first then you and you," said Mr. Hiss first pointing to Mrs. Hiss then to Cousin Hiss.

They noiselessly gobbled up all the eggs except 2, since nobody wanted to eat anymore, went away.

When Mr. Iguana came back Mrs. Iguana was awake crying.

"What happened?" asked Mr. Iguana

"Mr. Hiss and his family ate all my eggs up-except 2- while I was asleep! " replied Mrs. Iguana.

"We’ve got to think of a plan to trick that scaly fellow," said Mr. Iguana furiously, he’s done this before in the past."

They both tried to think of something to do to stop Mr. Hiss, but failed.

One day Mr. Iguana was basking on the shore-turning bright red and turquoise since it was breeding season – suddenly an idea hit him.

"Why didn’t I think of that before?" he said to himself.

Next breeding season, Mrs. Iguana was pregnant again. Sister Iguana and brother Iguana were arguing about whom had the flattest tail.

Later, Mr. Iguana told everyone about the plan he thought up of. They thought it would work since Mr. Hiss was a snake with a tiny brain.

In about 2 days Mrs. Iguana had laid 30 new eggs and the whole family was pretending to be fast asleep. They had collected white stones to make them look like eggs and put them together. Then they had hid the real eggs under a very long row of bushes.

When Mr. Hiss went by for his morning slither, he saw the 30 "eggs." Greed filled the snake. He wanted to eat all the eggs all by himself so he tried to eat one of the eggs.

"Ouch!" he said licking his fangs. He tried again but failed.

"They must have powers because they put an invisible force field so I can’t eat anymore eggs," he thought. Then he got scared, "What if they turn me into mice?" he said to himself. And he slithered away as fast as he could home.

"All right," shouted the kids," "we tricked ol’ Mr. Hiss!"

And they never had to worry about their eggs getting eaten again.

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