Squirrel Monkeys
by Eric

Two Squirrel Monkeys named Mr. and Mrs. Dove had two curious children named Michelle and Sam. They lived in the rain forest. They had short fur that usually is yellow, green on back of their, underside face and ears that are pale. They like jumping from tree to tree with their eyes closed. When they stop, they open theirs eyes.

One day they saw two machines coming at them and cutting down the rain forest. So they went home and asked their mom and dad why those machines were cutting down the rain forest. Mom said they were cutting down our home and we should never go near them.

Then Sam and Michelle asked what's for dinner and she said they were having mealworms, seeds, crickets, and grasshoppers. After that they join the herd of 100 squirrel monkeys.

Mrs. Dove was going to have another baby in 14 weeks Then she had one beautiful baby named Mitchell and they live happily ever after.

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