by Emily

"Be good now Baby Zee," Mrs. Tish said handing Annie a list of things. Annie, Mrs. Tish and Baby Zee were Prairie Chickens and were also endangered. They were big brown birds with gray and red spots on them. Mrs. Tish and Baby Zee lived in a small wooden house in Texas, (that’s where all Prairie Chickens live). Annie lived down the street, she was a baby-sitter but was not very experienced.

"Don’t worry. We won’t have a problem," replied Annie winking at Baby Zee. "Have a good time at your meeting." Mrs. Tish left in a hurry and closed the door quietly. As soon as she closed the door Baby Zee started to cry. ''What's wrong'', Annie asked. Annie doesn't know but it is normal for baby Prairie Chickens to panic when they leave their mother for the first time.

Annie tried to calm him down. She gave him some berries and grains, a healthy mix, but he kept on crying. She gave him some lipstick and eye shadow made from wild flowers, from her purse. Baby Zee looked them curiously, but then kept on crying.''

I give up,'' she said.

Then the mockingbird rang (the phone). She picked it up and surprisingly enough it was Mrs. Tish checking up on Baby Zee.

"Is everything all right?" Mrs. Tish asked. "I just few down from my covey (flock of Prairie chickens) to check up on him."

"Everything is fine," Annie lied plopping down on a chair.

"OK, just checking, " replied Mrs. Tish hanging up. "

''I have to find some way to get him quiet" Annie thought to herself. Then she got an idea. She looked at the list Mrs. Tish gave her. At the bottom was a list of the toys Baby Zee liked to play with. She ran in to his room living Baby Zee in the living room.

It was a small room but very ordinary. It had a small crib in one corner in of the room and a big toy chest in the center of the room. She could still hear him crying in the living room. She had to think fast, for she was getting a headache. Then it hit her. She scampered through his toy chest. At the bottom was a giant, round, colorful ball. It had a blue back round, bright pink strips and yellow and orange stars. She let Baby Zee play with it and instantly he stopped crying. They played all day outside with the ball until Mrs. Tish got home. Annie was tired, but she got $30 in pay and that was good enough for her.


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