An Unforgettable Escape
by Erin

It is springtime in the Galapagos Islands and many female seals are pregnant including Mrs. Galapagos Fur  Seal. Mrs. Galapagos Fur Seal will not be due until next spring. You can hardly tell she is pregnant because of her thick brown coat covering her body.

A full year has passed and the whole island is covered in beautiful budding flowers. Mrs. Galapagos Fur  Seal has given birth to a single newborn pup, Christopher. Mrs. Galapagos Fur  Seal tries her best to keep him out of danger from humans. Every day when the sun comes up Mrs. Galapagos Fur  Seal gives Christopher a lesson on how to catch his meal of delicious tasting trout. Then Christopher is rewarded with his mother's warm, sweet milk.

Every Galapagos fur seal in the seal colony is very thankful for all their meals because trout is so scarce. They say their prayers before and after every meal and then gobble it all up with their tiny whiskers.

One day, Christopher became very curious about the mysterious salt waters of the Galapagos Islands. He decided to explore. Christopher was having so much fun he did not realize that it was getting dark. He paid no attention and kept on swimming. Then Christopher was puzzled. He could see nothing but flat rolling land with very little trees. This was not where he had came from. As he drifted closer to the shore doing fancy sorts of flips in the air, he saw that he had entered another seal colony on a different island. He knew his mom would be very worried if he did not come home, but he was so interested it was hard for him to even imagine going back.

When he approached the island however, he came across a very attractive young female named Samantha. They fell in love instantly. Together they spent the rest of the night having fun.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Galapagos Fur  Seal became extremely petrified back at their home on the rocks. She had already sent out ten different search parties until she thought that she was going to faint. Mrs. Galapagos Fur  Seal went back to her bed made out of dried seaweed tied together and wept.

The next morning, Mrs. Galapagos Fur  Seal got a message from the noble penguin, that Christopher had been seen on an unfamiliar island. Mrs. Galapagos Fur  Seal was overjoyed! She set out immediately to find her pup.

Two hours later, she arrived at the strange island. Here she found many seals of which she did not know. Soon she saw a gigantic crowd around what seemed to be a fishing boat. As she pushed her way through the crowd, she heard things like "who is he?" and "where did he come from?" Then Mrs. Galapagos Fur  Seal was astonished! She saw baby Christopher being hauled up into a net of a human! Mrs. Galapagos Fur  Seal struggled to get to the dock. She heard Christopher’s voice gasping for help. It was really an exciting moment with the crowd roaring with enthusiasm, but she tried her best. Mrs. Galapagos Fur  scrambled in a hurry to the back of the boat to release the rope holding Christopher in the air. In doing this she remarkably let Christopher free. But as quick as lightning, the captain reached out for his rifle and shot Mrs. Galapagos Fur   Seal right in the back as she was turning around to go see her pup. The hunter would rather have Mrs. Galapagos Fur  Seal for all of her blubber. The hunter could make a lot of money on her.

Christopher made it out all right and even stayed to live with Samantha’s family. For the next couple of weeks, all Christopher could think about was the great scarlet billows that had filled the sea that morning. He also kept thinking of how it should have been him who got shot, and how he should have never been so curious in the first place. But he also knew that for every tragedy there comes a better thing to take its place, and that come September he would be married to Samantha Seal.

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