by Caitlin

Mom! Dad! Where are you guys! In South America, in the Andes Mountains where it snows all the time, there was a tapir named Melanie. She was very pleasing and kind with a sweet voice. She was the only one in her family because the tapir only gives birth to one baby. Her mom and dad Hellen and Herbert were scared off by humans and ran as far away as possible then disappeared.

One day Melanie was wondering what her parents were like when she was sleeping with the soft sounds of the crickets. So she went to ask other tapirs where her mom and dad were. But the problem was there weren't any more tapirs because they are endangered and scientists don't even know how many are left in the world. So she went to ask other animals. ''Excuse me'', she asked the hungry bear that was having lunch. "Have you seen my parents?'' Melanie whispered softly. "No I have not. Don't bother me," yelled the bear. So she went on. After a full day of asking animals, she sighed and then had dinner of some leaves and veggie roots, which was her usual thing. Then she went to bed.

When Melanie was ten years old and 500 pounds she still hadn’t found her parents. She was having breakfast by the soft sound of the sweeping water. Then she saw a tapir, a mountain tapir whose name was Charley it was brown and small like Melanie. "Hi my name is Charley, what is yours?" said Charley.

"Melanie" she replied.

"Why are you alone? Where are your parents?" asked Charley.

"They are gone" said Melanie as she started to cry.

"I’m sorry, I didn’t know," said Charley.

"I know you did not know", said Melanie. "Do you have any parents?"

"No they are dead" said Charley.

" I’m sorry," said Melanie.

" Oh don’t be, I have an aunt I live with her name is Aunt Sassy." said Charley.

"Can I meet her?" said Melanie.

" Yea sure," said Charley "I will bring you there now." said Charley.

"Thanks. I want to ask her where all the tapirs went." said Melanie with joy.

"Hi Aunt Sassy. How are you doing?" said Melanie. "My name is Melanie. Do you know where my parents are?" said Melanie anxiously.

"What are your parents names child?" said Aunt Sassy.

"Their names are Hellen and Herbert." said Melanie.

"Certainly I know they are in a land called Hula Hula." said Aunt Sassy.

"Thank you." said Melanie happily. Then she set off to find her parents, but first, she gathered food for the way up.

On her way up the mountains with Charley she saw other animals like bears and rabbits, but she was not scared. Then she saw another tapir but it had no clue where Hula Hula was.

The tapir said,"This is a task you will have to find out with your heart." She did not know what the tapir was talking about but went on. Then it got worse because it started to snow and it got cold. Charley got a bad cold so they slowed down but did not stop. Then Charley slipped and almost fell off the mountain! Melanie saved him. Charley said thanks to her.

Melanie said, "I got that from my dad’s side of the family."

Then the snow stopped and they were over the mountains. They looked around and all they saw were tapirs.

"Let’s go find my parents," said Melanie ."Hello is your name Hellen and is your name Herbert?" said Melanie.

"No, sorry." Said the tapirs.

"Excuse me, is your name Herbert and is your wife’s name Hellen?"

"Nope, bye." said the tapir that was working on getting food.

"Hello!" "My name is Melanie are you my parents?" said Melanie.

"Yes! How did you ever find us?" said the parents filled with joy to find their daughter again.

"I had help from Charley’s aunt," said Melanie. "Let’s go home now!" said Melanie.

"No we can’t!" said Hellen.

"Why not?" said Melanie.

"Because the humans" said Herbert.

"Well, I lived there and they didn’t hurt me or scare me away" said Melanie.

"Well, we are still not going because all of our friends are here." said the parents.

"Please," said Melanie.

"Oh fine!" said the parents let us say good bye to everyone. "We will leave tomorrow."

"OK" said Melanie. So they left the next day and stayed safe from humans. All the tapirs came too and they lived happily ever after.

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