Gray Wolf Hunting
by Amanda

Mother, Mary is licking her six pups Wizer, Po, Lala, Tinky Winky, Wrinkles, so they are neat and clean. They were born on a cold January day, with their eyes shut tight.

The pups whined when Pal their dad had to hunt for deer or elk for their first meal.

In the forest a hunter carefully watched Pal’s every move to kill him for his fur. The hunter trips and misses Pal. Happily Pal continues with his journey.

Pal finds a deer and drags it back with sharp teeth and claws to his family for a filling meal.

Pal, Mary, anf their six pups Wizer, Po, Lala, Tinky, Winky and Wrinkles live in Maine on the North American Continent.   Their species can also be found in Asia and Europe.

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