Two Lost Wolfs in the Rocky Mountains

by Alex M.

There is a family of wolfs and two of them were standing on the edge of a cliff because a bear was chasing them away from his meal. We have Mr. and Mrs.Wolf and their cubs Joey, Bob, and Mike. They all decide to go outside to eat. Mike found two ground squirrels and five mice. Joey found seven rabbits, two ground squirrels, and one mouse. Bob found One rabbit and two ground squirrels. Mama found four rabbits and ten mice. As for papa he found ten rabbits, seven ground squirrels and five mice. While Mike and Bob were looking for their food they wound up getting lost. Mama, papa and Joey wanted to go in their den but they couldn't find them.

Then they decided to split-up and look for them. Papa and Joey went north and mama went south. Since they couldn't find them, mama went west. Papa and Joey went east. Papa and Joey went up and down cliffs looking for them. Mama did too. Finally Joey saw them and told Papa that a bear was chasing them. Then they got them down and Papa said, "Now we have to go find Mama. They found her and they got home they disciplined them and went to sleep.

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