by Ashley

I am a 17 year old polar bear named Chilly. My family lives on the Northern coast of the Northern Hemisphere. We also live on sea floats and islands in the Arctic. My mom and dad’s names are Chilla and Chiller I have a seven year old brother and his name is Chill.

Sometimes people say that my brother and I look alike. We both have sharp claws and wide hairy front feet that help us swim and protect us from the cold. Our feet have five sharp curved claws that we use to grasp the ice and hold on to our prey.

My family and I have dinner at night time. Our favorite food is seal with berries for dessert. My mom likes to eat walrus but my dad says mussels and kelp are good for us too.

Once when we were looking for food, we saw many seals and fish floating near the edge of the water. As we got closer we saw that they were covered with oil. We had heard that there had been an oil spill. Over 260,000 barrels of oil spilled into the ocean from a large ship that went aground in the Prince William Sound in Alaska. The oil covered their bodies and they couldn't breathe. Soon they were poisoned and many died. Our family had to move because we did not have any food. We swam to an ice flow, which took us across the ocean to a clean area with lots of food.

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