Lost in the Forest
by Will

Quick Slash, the bald eagle, jolted to Asteroids nest quicker than the eye can see. Asteroid is a young hawk still learning his way in the world. Hawks are relatives to bald eagles, so Quick Slash was looking out for him. When Asteroid woke up, he saw Quick Slash near his nest pointing to a tall mysterious forest. Quick Slash did not want Asteroid into the forest because it is dangerous. The forest is filled with wild animals that can hurt him. Since Asteroid was still young he was curious about the forest. So Quick Slash flew away, Asteroid skedaddled to the forest.

As Asteroid was looking above at the forest from the sky, a strong wind blew and sprained his wing. He lost control of his flying and was heading for the ground. He tried and tried, but he could not pull him self up, he hit the ground hard. When he woke up from the fall, he saw he was in the forest and he was scared. Asteroid knew that he should have listened to his friend the bald eagle. Asteroid began to recover, but a bear saw him and began chasing Asteroid. Asteroid began to recover, but a bear saw him and began chasing Asteroid. He knew the bear wanted to feast on him! Why? Because asteroid disturbed the bear while he was sleeping. The bear almost got Asteroid, but he was to quick, and got away. To make his problem worse it began to rain. Asteroid searched for shelter and found a cave. Since he was hungry, he also searched for food. While he was inside the cave, he found little snakes to eat. Asteroid did not notice, but there were also vampire bats in the cave. Only, when he heard a screeching sound, he realized that the had bats.


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