The African Wild Dog
by Susan

Ranchers were chasing Savanna Timberline and her family because ranchers believed that Savanna and her family were eating their livestock. The chase was long and tiring, Savanna was trying to lose the ranchers but they kept on chasing her. The ranchers were not pleased so they started going into the wild and killing Savanna 's family. Savanna decided to go off into the woods because she was angry with the ranchers for killing her aunt and uncle. Without telling her parents, she goes to the woods instead of going home. Savanna goes so far into the wild she can't find her way home. Savanna's family goes out to look for her because they are worried and don't know where she is. The family looked everywhere for their daughter. Meanwhile Savanna is crying because she misses her family and friends. Savanna is thinking about how scared, cold, hungry, and lost she was. Savanna hears a noise like the bleating of sheep .The sounds of the sheep and goats reminded her of how hungry she was. The smell of the sheep was so powerful that she could almost taste them. Savanna decided to follow the sounds of the sheep and goats as the sun was setting. Savanna still needed food so she kept on chasing the goats and sheep and she got into trouble. She felt safe because there were animals around her and she felt like she was around her family. In the end she wasn't safe because, that was where the ranchers lived. The ranchers came out of their house carrying shotguns and yelling. Savanna didn't know that they could see her. Savanna heard a loud gun shot and she was so scared that she thought she had been shot. Savanna turned quickly and began running and ran into a tree. When she hit the tree, she fell right to the ground. This was a good thing because the ranchers thought she was dead so they left. Meanwhile Savanna's family was worried especially her brother, Ryan. Ryan, was nicer looking than Savanna he had multicolored fur, long ears, and big eyes. The family decided to leave the pack in order to look for Savanna. The family heard a familiar barking sound and they ran toward the sound and Savanna ran towards her family. The family was so happy, they celebrated by having a feast of deer, gazelle, and antelope.

The end!



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