by Stacey

One frigid day on the snowy mountains of Central Asia, Cyra the Snow Leopard came out of her cave. She called her cubs, Christine, Chris, and Christina in for dinner. The cubs admired their mother as her long, beautiful, pale gray coat with black rosette spots bounced while she climbed up the hill. The meal they had today was 3 baby gazelles and 1 wild boar. The cubs begged their mother to let them go outside. Cyra finally gave in and allowed the cubs to go out for 8 minutes. When the cubs went out a tremendous blizzard picked them up and swept them away. When Cyra went out to get them she didn't see the cubs anywhere. She was concerned that they had been cubnapped or playing a trick on her. Then all of a sudden the blizzard came back in a big blow of snow. It was then that Cyra realized what had happened.

When the blizzard faded away once again, Cyra set out to find her cubs. She trotted down the snowy hill and became ready for peril. She searched for 3 hours, but found nothing. Cyra then spotted a cave where she could sleep that night.

That morning a cold breeze woke Cyra up. She started searching again. In 2 and a half-hours Cyra found Chris quivering in the snow. She picked Chris up in her mouth and carried Chris to the cave she had found last night. She told him to stay there and go to sleep. She found Christina 5 hours later and to the cave to sleep.

The next morning Cyra also brought her back went searching for Christine. Six hours later she found Christine shot dead on the ground. She started thinking about her husband, Carl. The hunters shot him right before Christine was born. Cyra went back to the cave to tell Chris and Christina what had happened to their sister. The cubs were so sad that they started to cry. They told their mother that life wouldn't be the same now that Christine and Dad have died. The cubs knew that playing in the snow wasn't the greatest thing to do, when their mother wasn't watching them. The snow wouldn't be the same without Christine. That night Cyra, Chris, and Christina had Christine's favorite dinner, 3 wild sheep, 2 mice, and 1 bobak. It was a meal to never be forgotten. They went to sleep thinking that they would never forget the love.


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