Molly's Life
by Silena

One day, in Madagascar on a wide open field with tall grass, there lived a family of Brown Lemurs. One of the full-grown lemurs named Daisy, had just given birth to a girl lemur. She called her Molly. Daisy always carried Molly on her back as Molly held on to her fur.

When Molly was almost a year old, she saw a new group of Brown Lemurs. In her group, she was the only successful baby lemur. In that group, they had many baby lemurs.

She decided she would go play! She ran off without anyone seeing her! Later, when she got to the other group, nobody was there. As she was leaving they came back. She asked their names and one said, "My name is Alberich. This is Mud, Thumper, Nosy, and Carl."

Molly said, "My name is Molly. Nice to meet you." As she was playing, Molly thought… I like Alberich. I love his black face, orange-red eyes, and his fuzzy, brown fur.

When Molly got home, Daisy was FURIOUS!!! She told Molly never to run off again, but Molly didn't listen.

Later the next day, Molly went in the forest alone. As soon as she got there, a hawk tried to grab her! When she screamed for her mother, her mother came and took her into a tree, pushed her to the back, and poked at the hawk with her paw. The hawk didn't leave, so she pushed her head out and hissed, growled, and snarled. The hawk knew it would be hard to get the lemurs, so he flew away.

When the danger was gone, Daisy was more terrified than ever. So Molly wouldn't run off, Molly's and Alberich's groups joined together.

As the days went on, Alberich and Molly started to love each other. They started playing more often and they saw each other more.

When mating season came around in June, Alberich and Molly had a baby of there own in October. It was a girl and they named her Frigga. This will be the only offspring they will have for the whole year.

When Frigga was older, she ran off into the forest once or twice. Molly was angry because Frigga almost got killed because of an eagle.

When Frigga was a year old, she ran off again. As she was running, she said, "Hey mommy, bet you can't catch me!"

Molly and Alberich followed trying to catch her and they both said, "Here we go again!" and they all kept running on, and on, and on.



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