Wild's Adventure
by Natasha

Everybody was looking hopelessly at Wild and whispering behind his back. The poor Mongolian Wild Horse was sitting there under a one hundred-year-old tree, looking up at the clear blue sky. Wild resembled a donkey and was always very quiet and kept to himself. But only his parents knew what he was thinking. He was thinking about being free. He hated living his life in Mongolia's Wild Animal Park. The park gave him stacks of hay every week and a gallon of water every day. There was only grass and hay in his limited area in the zoo. Sure they took care of him, but Wild didn't want that. The other horses weren't so great either. Every time they saw that horse with the ugly brown mane and a black streak along his back they'd just trot away. This was Wild's life.

The next night, all Wild could think about was freedom. He knew what he had to do. Early next morning before anyone was awake, Wild escaped from the zoo. He galloped passed the security guard and leapt over the towering wall. Luckily, he didn't get hurt.

He ran as fast as his legs would carry him. All of a sudden he saw another horse ahead. But this was no ordinary horse, it was Danger, the most feared Mongolian Wild Horse. Slowly, Wild walked up to him.

''You don't look scary to me,'' Wild said.

"I'm not scary, it's just what people say that makes me scary. What are you doing here anyway?" asked Danger.

"I'm running away from captivity," said Wild.

"Can I join you?" Danger asked, ''I would rather be with a friend than be all alone in the deep, dark woods.''

"Sure," said Wild. With that, they continued their journey.

The next four hours went by fast. As the sun was going down, Danger and Wild heard something. Neither of them wanted to say what it was because they already knew. That sound was the sound of a vicious wolf. All of a sudden the sound came closer and closer. As Wild and Danger turned around, they saw a hunter with a pet wolf chasing after them. They started to run as the first shot was fired. They started running through bushes and took paths that they didn't even know. After about ten minutes they turned around to see if the hunter and the wolf were still chasing after them, but they didn't see anything. Knowing that they were gone, the two new friends took a long nap.

When they woke up the next morning, they had no idea where they were. Everything looked different. The weirdest part of all was that there were other horses with them.

"Where are we?" Wild asked one of the horses.

"You're in a small semi desert habitat in Mongolia, for horses just like us," said the horse. Right after she said her last word, another horse came and stood next to her.

"I'm Leslie and this is my brother Mongo," she said. "What are you guys doing here anyway?"

"I'm escaping from captivity and my friend is coming with me. By the way, my name is Wild and this is Danger. Do you guys want to join us?"

''How are we going to escape?" asked Mongo.

"You'll see," said Wild.

The next night the four of them escaped through a hole in the fence. By the time they completely passed the whole property of the area, three hours had gone by. They walked for another hour until they were too tired to walk. Slowly, the four friends laid down on the soft grass and fell asleep.

As the sun was rising all of them woke up and looked around. They saw a small river surrounded by a lot of vegetation. There was not a soul in sight. But they didn't know who might be watching them. Slowly, from behind a bush came out all of the horses' parents. The parents had followed their children's footprints to the river. After three days the parents finally found their children. They were all so happy to see each other again. They weren't even mad at their children for running away. They all loved this new place too. The river gave them plenty of water, which was important since they needed a lot to survive. Every body loved their new home, so they decided to stay there.

As the days went by, Leslie, Wild, Danger, and Mongo all got a chance to tell their parents about their adventure. Wild told his parents about how he escaped from captivity and the story of how he met Danger. He explained that Danger is not really dangerous at all. He also told them about the wolf and the hunter and how he and Danger were found in a place in Mongolia for Mongolian Wild Horses. He told about how they met Leslie and Mongo and escaped with them. Next he told how they all got to this beautiful, new place and how safe it is here. They are safe here from hunters who are after their skin and meat. They are also safe from domestic animals taking over their home. They are probably one of the few horse families living in the wild. He also explained that he doesn't care if a lot of countries keep him safe like Russia and China by putting him in captivity. He would rather live in the wild and take his chances.

Now Wild has more than he wanted. He doesn't need to lay under a tree any more and think about how miserable he is in captivity. He is already free but at the same time is living with his loving family and friends.



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