Lost Cubs
by Marcelo

After waking-up early in the morning, the gold furry and black spotted Asian cheetah sets out to look for food for her new born cubs. In her search for food, she encountered a small zebra. This became the cubs' breakfast. The six cubs were still hungry from only eating that small zebra. The mother cheetah decided to teach her cubs how to hunt for food. However, they had trouble looking for food because the island called Indonesia was running out of food. They continued to search for food until it got too dark, so they went to sleep.

When they woke-up she noticed one of her cubs was missing. The mother cheetah was afraid because if she did not find her cub in time she knew that if the coyotes would find her cub, it would be in danger. While her cubs were still sleeping behind some bushes, she left them to look for her missing cub.

The cheetah looked everywhere and she finally found her cub. Once she got back to the bushes, she noticed her other five cubs were missing. She found out the coyotes had tricked her. First, they scared one of her cubs away. Then, while she was looking for the cub, the coyotes came and took the rest of her cubs away. The cheetah set out to look for her five cubs with her other cub. It got dark again and the cheetah had two problems to solve, first she needed to find her cubs, second she needed to find food for her cubs because they can not last more than three days without food. Later on she saw a light in a cave. When she got closer she saw it was a fire that the sun started earlier in the afternoon from all its heat, and the coyotes with her five cubs. The coyotes were going to throw the cubs in the fire for dinner. The mother cheetah ran and jumped on one of the coyotes and knocked him out. This scared the rest of the coyotes away. Then all the cubs and the mother cheetah ate the coyote and all of the mother cheetah's problems were solved.



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