by Laura

It was a beautiful, wonderful, day in the Atlantic Ocean, where the Humpback Family lived. The mother of the family wanted to migrate south, because it was getting too cold up north. They discussed this over their dinner, shrimp and kelp. "We just have to find the perfect spot," explained the mother whale, Heather, "especially for the girls. It needs to be near lots of fish and shrimp and a place where Sarah and Sally can play and, away from hunters. I just hate those hunters."

The next day, they began traveling and went a little south. Sarah and Sally were wandering together when they found a nice place where they could rest. All of a sudden, they here a splash which came from the surface of the water. After the splash, they saw a rod shaped object come down towards them. They all scattered in different directions because they were all frightened. When it finally landed in the sand, they all rushed back to see what the thing was. When they saw it they all gasped. It was a huge, sharp hunting spear. " We are definitely not staying here."

They swam south until they could find the edge of North Carolina. Sarah and Sally loved the spot so much, that the family decided to stay there for a while. They woke up in the morning and went to the surface of the water to get air. They jumped out of the water and spouted the water out of the blowhole on their backs. They do this because they are mammals and breathe with their lungs.

They swam towards South Carolina, they found the perfect spot. It had plenty of fish and kelp to eat, and a big vacant place where Sally and Sarah could play and roam. "This looks like a wonderful spot! Don't you think- Sarah? Sally?"

"Oh no! Harry they're lost! They're all by themselves! What are they going to do?" said Heather the mother.

"Well, we're just going to have to head back," said the father, Harry. They turned back and headed north. They flapped their fins harder than they ever had. They cried the loudest they've ever cried. As they were swimming, they saw another whale coming towards them. It was Sally!

"Mother! Is that you? Sarah's been speared!"

"What!" Heather said in a frightened way. "Sarah has been speared!" Sally repeated.

"Oh no! We can't leave Sarah there! We have to go back!" said the mother. They all headed back.

They traveled for about a mile when suddenly they saw Sarah lying on a rock, blood pouring down her back. The whole family was there for hours until Sarah closed her eyes.

"Oh no! Is she dead?"

"We'll find out sooner or later. Come now," said the father of the Humpback Family. "We have to go to our new home without Sarah." They went home, all of them crying. They stayed up to wait for Sarah to come home. After 6 hours, they all saw another Humpback whale in the distance. It was Sarah! The whole family was overjoyed. Sarah received a scar from her being speared. She will have that scar for the rest of her life.


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