The Little Gabbie Gorilla
by Lara

Gabbie G. Gwecko is a very curious and spunky gorilla. When Gabbie was just a baby, she chased after a butterfly and broke her leg tripping over a vine. Ever since then, everyone called Gabbie curious and spunky. She, her mom, her dad, and her older sister, Gina, live in Swaziland, a small country in Africa.

The Gwecko family was just finishing a lunch of Gabbie's favorite foods: seeds, leaves, and stems of bamboo. There was one last leaf left and thankfully, Gabbie took it. However, Gina grabbed it from Gabbie's hand and immediately threw it into her mouth. Gabbie was very sick of Gina always getting her way. It always seemed like her parents only care about Gina; at least that’s what Gabbie thought. Gabbie always had thought that Gina was weird because Gina was born looking like a male because males have lighter fur on their backs and so does Gina. Since Gabbie's dad was also a silverback (and the head of the family), it seemed like he liked Gina more.

After lunch, the Gwecko family went through their afternoon routine, which was grooming each other, to plucking pests off one another. Gabbie hated this because Gina had to groom Gabbie and she didn't like Gina grooming her.

Early the next morning, Gabbie thought about this one more time and she decided it was the right thing to do. Gabbie started running away from her family's nest high up in the trees. Gabbie was running pretty fast, not even knowing where she was going. All she knew was that she was happy to be away from her family. She was sick of them. However, she didn't know about the dangers that lay ahead.

Gabbie was wondering if her family even noticed she was gone! But what she didn't know was that they were worried sick about her. She then took that off her mind, and in came a new thought-breakfast. The only problem was, she didn't know how to find or where to find bamboo that she normally has for breakfast. But there was one thing her mom taught her, if you can't find anything to eat, there is always termites, if you can find them. Gabbie searched and searched and when she finally found them, she was grossed out. How could she eat termites? However, she knew this was the only way for her to stay healthy. So Gabbie ate them and felt proud of herself.

It was now getting late, and Gabbie was actually missing her family. Gabbie missed them so much, that she decided it was time to try to find her way home, so she started running away from her little "camp." She wasn't very far when she heard….a gunshot. Gabbie looked back and saw poachers far away! At first, Gabbie thought it was two gorillas because the poachers' hands and feet looked just like a gorilla's hands and feet. Gabbie knew that poachers collect gorilla heads, so she was extremely scared. She then heard another shot and realized that the poachers were after her! When she looked back, they were closer, and they were looking pretty frustrated too because they missed Gabbie when they shot at her. Gabbie hid behind a bamboo bush and felt very scared and just wanted to be with her family at that moment. Next, she saw them loading what seemed to be the largest, most powerful gun in the whole world! Well, Gabbie was right, because the bullet missed her by an inch. Also, the gunshot was so loud, her family heard it, and they were five miles away! As soon as they heard the gunshot, they started running towards it because it echoed and they could still hear it.

Meanwhile, Gabbie was running as fast as she could away from the poachers. The Gwecko family didn't know that they would soon run into each other and find Gabbie. Another gunshot was heard, and this time it missed Gabbie by a centimeter! A few moments later, after the second gunshot, the Gwecko family found each other and was finally complete again. As for the poachers, they gave up because they saw the head of the family, Gabbie's dad, and a fierce-looking silverback and got scared. They walked back to their camp. The poachers were disappointed, but the Gwecko family was very proud of their brave, little Gabbie. Gabbie apologized and started crying. The rest of her family also said they were sorry. Gabbie's parents said they loved Gabbie. Finally, the Gwecko family was a loving family once again.


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