Gascar and the Poachers
By Kevin

It was night on an island called Madagascar. You could hear the owls screeching in the wind and feel the moistness in the air. Gascar was out loo king for food that night. 

As he is looking for food there are poachers out looking for him to kill for his fur. He finds a tree with larva in it and gnaws a hole in the tree. Then he used his thin, long fingers to get the larva out. After he finished the larva he found a coconut. 

As he is eating his coconut he sees two tremendous, angry, black eyes looking at him. He thought they were poachers and started to run, but then he saw Mr. and Mrs. Hoot who live way up in the gigantic, old oak tree. Just as he sits down to finish his coconut a light goes right in his eyes. 

Poachers!!!  One of the poachers yelled, "I found one Pluto!" Pluto was the poacher that killed Gascar's brother Jake when he was littler. As Gascar is running he tries to lose them, but couldn't. Now he could hear the leaves cracking as they race through the forest. As they're racing Gascar is thinking about his brother who Pluto killed and Gascar is getting more and more frightened by the minute.

Luckily, his uncle George, the gorilla, was out looking for food too. When George saw Gascar running from the poachers he ran to get help. He found Mr. and Mrs. Hoot and asked them to help. Then they made up a plan to scare the poachers. So, George stood in front of the poachers at six foot six and made a gigantic thump on his chest that would scare anyone or anything and had Mr. and Mrs. Hoot open their big eyes. This scared the poachers so much that they ran home to their trailer and went back to the USA.

Then he thanked Uncle George and the Hoot family for their help and returned home to his nest for a good morning rest.


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