by Kathryn

The chase was on! Spotty and Buddy were jolting toward their home when they suddenly noticed that the hunters were close behind! What if they followed Spotty and Buddy to their living grounds and found all the ocelots and hunted them to extinction?

Since ocelots are very fast, they got to their living grounds first and warned all the ocelots about the hunters coming. To crawl into the dense thickets of vines, bushes, and prickers of the Texas brushlands out of reach of the hunters. When the hunters are there, they saw rustling in the thickets, and immediately knew it was the ocelots, and they yelled," I'll get you next time!"

After that the hunters spend every day and night waiting anxiously for the ocelots to come down. Meanwhile, the ocelots are getting very hungry while hiding.

One day, the hunters decided to come and hide, since the ocelots don't see them they think it's safe to come down. They quietly come down for food like cottontail rabbits, mice, birds, and other animal meat. Meanwhile, Spotty and Buddy are still in the dense thickets as lookouts, when all of a sudden the hunters jump out from hiding! Spotty and Buddy quickly meow loudly to keep in touch with the other ocelots and to warn them about the hunters. Quickly and swiftly the ocelots run from loosing their life by those wretched hunters. Day after day the hunters come and hide, but they don't fool the ocelots anymore!

Early one morning, the ocelots quietly come down searching for a new living ground away from the hunters. The ocelots quietly leave their home and they get pretty far because of their camouflage fur and soft padded feet. Then the hunters notice that there isn't any rustling in the thickets and suddenly they see a ocelot figure in the distance. By now the hunters are hot on their trail. By that time, the ocelots are racing away from the hunters in an ocelot stampede mewing to keep in touch with each other. As the ocelots are running they don't know where they are going. While the Fish and Wildlife service and Texas A. and I. University are on safari, they see the hunters chasing the ocelots and they immediately stop them.

The officials on safari let the hunters know that ocelots are endangered for their furs and say, "Here you are about to hunt these poor animals to extinction. Now you and your ocelot hunting gang are going to jail and don't try and hunt these poor animals again because now they are under close protection by us."

Now the ocelots are safe in the dense thickets of Texas and the lower Rio Grande living a happy life away from the hunters.


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