by John

One day Mooshoo Booshoo and his brother Alex were swimming when they heard chopping and they saw a shinny metal object people were cutting down trees. Mooshoo and Alex jumped from tree to tree that were over ten feet apart at 15 mph to get home because they were very scared. Thanks to their special noses magnifying the sound to make their voices louder their parents heard them. When they got back their parents signed to them not to go over to that well anymore.

Mooshoo Booshoo lives in the Brazilian Rain Forest killing and eating with his mom Michele, his dad John, and his brother Alex. He is a Proboscis monkey.

Two days later, the men came back and started cutting down trees. Mooshoo and his family fought very hard against the builders but lost. Later Mooshoo and his family realized that it would be very hard to beat many men so they thought they could talk to them but Mooshoo remembered that they used their noses to make sounds, and men use their tongue. So Mooshoo set off to find the monkey that everyone knew could talk to humans by sign language. His name was Bimbar. Mooshoo knew that if could help his family it would be by getting Bimbar to save the forest. The bad thing was that the swimming contest was coming up and they really loved this contest because it was like a human's community picnic. The longest time under water, the best dive, and the fastest swimmer would win the contest. The record for staying underwater the longest was held by Mooshoo and Mooshoo won the contest the year before. That's why he likes being in the water so much. The next day Mooshoo found Bimbar and signed, "Will you help save my forest?"

Bimbar said, "I will but you have to do something for me."

Mooshoo asked, "What do I have to do?"

Bimbar said, "Just give me a home for the time I am with you."

The next day Mooshoo and Bimbar returned to the forest and signed to the people, "Will you leave all of us alone?" Thanks to a man signing back they knew he spoke sign language.

They said, "Maybe we will." So Mooshoo went home and gathered all of the monkeys and other animals that wanted the humans to stop.

Then he said to them, "All of us want you to stop." So all of the workers stopped but the monkeys had a problem. They had lost a lot of land. So the men bought some trees and planted them where they had cut down the others.

The monkeys said, "We will let you stay in the forest if you do not hurt us."

The humans said, "All right." And then whenever someone tried to take trees from their forest they stopped them and now that forest is one of the biggest forests in the world.


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