The Cubs Go South
by Jenna

Tommy a fierce jaguar in Mexico grabbed a huge fish out of the water and stuffed it into his mouth. He grabbed the second one and stuffed it into his mouth. He grabbed the third one and saved it for his friend, Allison. He put it on the rock waiting for Allison to come and eat it.

Allison was a female so she had lighter skin with black spots and weighed up to 80 to 100 pounds. Tommy in Mexico who had darker skin with black spots and weighed up to 120 to 200 because he was a male. They fell in love.

Four months later they had four babies. They named them Jeff, Clark, Mary, and Beth. The babies were scared when their parents went for a walk. They thought a poacher would come and hunt them because they heard their parents talking about them. They hated poachers.

When their mother and father got back they told them that they had a really big enemy, the poacher. The mother told them to go to the Old Wise Jaguar and ask them what a poacher is. The mother turned around to the father and told him it was time to leave the jaguars in the open of the forest. As they were told they went to Wise Old Jaguar. He lived in the deep end of the forest.

They finally got there and saw him. He had many wrinkles on his face and a lot of his skin was sagging. Clark told the jaguar the story about when they were scared. He said a poacher is a person who hunts animals. On their way home they got lost in the forest.

None of them knew how to get home. Mary suggested that they make a right to Gulla Gulla Island. They went pass Gulla Gulla Island and made a right as Mary suggested. Then they ended up in tall grasslands with ten poachers surrounding them again. They ran to the wise old jaguar's house in the forest again. They asked him if there were any places where there are no poachers and they could live a peaceful life. The Wise Old Jaguar told them that it has been two years and your parents sent you here to go to the Southern United States thatís where there are some jaguars and you can play with and swim with ease. They did as they were told and they ended up in beautiful land with lots of friends.


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