Endangered Animals

We've been studying about endangered animals in science. We chose an animal and learned everything we could about it. We used computer class and library class for research. We found pictures of our animal, we drew our pictures in art, and we wrote several drafts of our story. We wrote our first draft in library, and then typed it up in computer lab. It was a lot of work but also a lot of fun. We hope you enjoy reading them! 

by Elizabeth
5th Grade - 2001-02


African Elephant by Abigail Jamaican Boa by Jonathan
Eastern Cougar by Alex Ocelot by Kathryn
Polar Bear by Alice Leopard by Kenia
Leatherback Sea Turtle by Anthony Aye-Aye by Kevin
Northern Spotted Owl by Arielle Gorilla by Lara
Indian Tiger by Chaithanya Humpback Whale by Laura
Blue Whale by Chris Asian Cheetah by Marcelo
Red Wolf by Christian Arizona Ridgenosed Rattlesnake by Matthew
Black Footed Ferret by Cory Asiatic Lion by Melissa
Sumatran Tiger by Danielle B. Mongolian Wild Horse by Natasha
Koala Bear by Danielle G. Manatee by Olivia
Peregrine Falcon by David B. California Condor by Paul
Red Wolf by David Y. Black Lemur by Robert
Chetah by Demetrios Grizzly Bear by Sadia
Giant Panda by Desiree Brown Lemur by Silena
Squirrel Monkey by Elizabeth Snow Leopard by Stacey
Fox Squirrel by Jamie Florida Panther by Stephen
Black Footed Ferret by Jennifer African Wild Dog by Susan
Jaguar by Jenna Clouded Leopard by Vincent
Arabian Oryx by Joey Bald Eagle by Will C.
Probocis Monkey by John Cuban Crocodile by Will G.

last edited 11/15/02

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