by David B.

Hail stones were falling and the wind of the blizzard burned. Two friends lived on a mountain cliff, a Peregrine Falcon and a Bald Eagle. They lived together in a cave, both looking for their parents who disappeared during the blizzard. Tommy, a Peregrine Falcon likes to play and fly fast. Garrett, a Bald Eagle is not as highly energized as Tommy, but still likes to have fun. They met during the blizzard so they decided to live together until they found their parents again.

Tommy and Garrett play tag and make flying obstacle courses together. The one thing they were scared of; poachers. They have already been shot at once by one of the poachers guns. Tommy and Garrett didn't go out much any more to play together.

Tommy and Garrett hated the snow; they couldn't fly their fastest in the falling snow. In good weather Tommy could fly 200 mph and Garret could fly 180. It was dangerous to fly in the snow because hungry Vultures would hunt their prey.

Tommy and Garrett were very hungry so they took a chance and went out to search for food. They found a snake and shared it, but they were still hungry. They flew some more and found a dove, but they didn't see that the dove was already the Vulture’s dinner. Tommy and Garrett swooped down to get the dove and the Vulture charged at them. Right as the Vulture was about to kill Tommy and Garrett a gun went off……………….a bullet hit the Vulture!!! Another shot was heard, but it missed Garrett by 1 inch. Tommy and Garrett carried the dove back to their nest. An hour later the Blizzard stopped.

The next day they heard voices saying "Tommy, Garrett". They rushed out of their cave and were surprised to find their parents!!! Tommy's mom (Katie) and dad (Jim) became good friends with Garrett's mom (Mary) and dad (Justin). The families all lived together in the cave on Bear Mountain. They still faced the same problems: poachers and Vultures. They managed to get food and take care of all their needs.

December is when Peregrine Falcons and Bald Eagles start hunting to gather food for the winter. Each family eats snakes and small rodents. The two families are part of the raptor group. They kill their prey by attacking with their sharp talons (claws) and tear it apart with their pointed beaks.

One day Tommy and Garrett went out to play tag with their dads. They heard a gunshot………….. Tommy was hit by the bullet and fell down from the sky. The two fathers went into action, picked Tommy up by his wings and flew as fast as they could back to the cave. Two more gunshots were heard! They missed the birds by less than an inch.

The next day while Tommy rested, the fathers planned to get rid of the poachers. They decided to wrap the poachers in rope and throw them down the mountain.

The next morning, Jim and Justin woke up very early and flew to where the poachers were sleeping. They wrapped the poachers up in rope, picked them up, and rolled them down the mountain!!! Poachers never set foot on Bear Mountain again.


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