by Danielle B.

Siber (a baby Sumatran tiger) was at her Aunt Chaity's cave who is a leopard in Indonesia. One day Siber went out to play and climb on trees which she loves to do. She wanted to get some food like deer and monkeys. Siber saw a butterfly and chased after it because she loves to play. As she was running came across her worst enemy Wildie the wild dog. She remembered when they had met when she was 4 months and Wildie attacked her.

Siber tried to pass Wildie, but Wildie heard Siber walking by . Wildie started to walk towards Siber, so she started to run as fast as she could. After that Siber went deeper and deeper in the forest and ended up lost.

Siber's Aunt Chaity went looking for her in the forest but did not find her. So she went back home to her cave. The next day Chaity went out searching for her again, but it was no use. So when Chaity was home she was really sad that she couldn't find Siber.

Meanwhile, Siber is just laying there quietly since Wildie was close by. While Wildie was on her she thought to herself how she wanted to be home with her mom and dad. By the third day of searching ,Aunt Chaity went further into the forest and she found Siber. Siber and Chaity were very happy. Then Chaity went after Wildie and Wildie started to run and cry like a little baby. Chaity and Siber thought "Well, it was his fault." The next day Siber's parents came home. Now Siber is three and still remembers that day and she always knows not to go that far into the forest.



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