by Christian

The forest was getting dark in the forest and many predators that would attack the red wolves. In the forest there was a lot of red wolves. They lived there in packs so very few of them ever got attacked. One of the leaders, Garret was very confident to go alone in the woods because he was about a year old. So Garret got hungry, and had left the pack going to hunt for food. Garret was taking his time looking for food. It was getting dark, so it was hard to see animals near by. While Garret was walking he couldn't smell an animal near by but he was so hungry he didnít realize it.

Not realizing there was a huge grizzly near by. Red wolves were scared of grizzlies because they ate red wolves. Garret didn't know that Jerry was right behind him. Garret felt a nip on his tail he looked around he couldn't see anything, in the dark. He didnít realize that grizzlies woke up from their sleep and they could get very hungry. The next time he felt a strong bite on his foot. So he turned and there was a giant grizzly that weighted about 1,500 pounds that just bit him. Garret dashed away from Jerry. After Garret thought Jerry was gone he had to rest because his legs were bloody and were sore. So he rested in a den were most red wolves would stay to sleep and mate in December and January. While Garret was resting he was thinking what to tell the others, he was very tried so he was about to go to sleep and he heard a noise? So he thought it couldn't be the grizzly. I am too fast for a grizzly. Then he thought about the blood; but the grizzly could have followed me.

Garret was resting on his leg that was very weak, but the grizzly entered the cave and trapped Garret. Garret couldn't protect himself he weighed only about 90 pounds. The grizzly charged at Garret and trampled him and snapped his arm. Garret tried to run but the grizzly trampled Garret. Garret thinks he is going to die.

Garret yelped for help but he knew no one would come to save him. Garret tried to defend him and bites Jerry. Jerry gets angry and slashes Garret with his strong claws in the face. Garret's yelped one last time before he passes out. While Garret is down he hears his whole pack coming with his great sense of smell. The others red wolves come and attack the grizzly in a fierce way. The grizzly was very weak from not having a meal in about a month, so he couldnít defend himself from the twenty red wolves. The grizzly died. Since the red wolves are carnivorous, they ate Jerry. Since Garret didnít have his meal yet, he also ate. Now Garret knows to stay in the red wolves territory. There weren't any more giant grizzlies in the grassy lands of Austin, Texas. Also Garret became the leader of the red wolves because he defended himself from the grizzly.



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