by Chaithanya

One day, in a North Indian jungle, a family of Indian Tigers rested near a creek in a quiet clearing. The mother, with a beautiful, red-orange coat sat down next to her sleeping, year-old cub. The baby's fur was a shining, golden-red. A larger tiger, the baby's older brother, stood in the creek. His glittering, white fur and kind blue eyes gleaming and shimmering in the cool morning sun." Neron, why are you so quiet? Normally you would be eating", said his mother. "I do not want to wake up Meera," he answered gently.

Meera woke up later that day and she was very hungry. But she was patient. "Let's go to get our food," said Neron. "Are we hunting?" Meera asked. "No, we are eating at the grove, " answered Neron. "We should leave before the other tigers come out." The pair walked through the thick jungle, careful to avoid the territory of other tigers and lions. Finally, they arrived in the grove. It was natural that tigers eat vegetation when meat was scarce." Well, it's time to eat," said Neron.

On the way home they silently stalked, careful not to attract the attention of Rath. Rath was a tiger feared above all, for he was huge and powerful. They continued thinking about this ferocious figure. But suddenly, Meera screamed as a huge figure leapt over her and plowed straight into Neron. They struggled as Meera watched in horror. Finally, Neron leapt out with a frightened look on his face. He grabbed Meera and sped off into the evening jungle.

When they stopped Neron collapsed onto the ground." We're staying here for the night." Just then, a strange cat came into the small clearing. He was tall and slender and had black markings running from his eyes to his nose. But he also had shining black fur." Could you help me find my way back home?" he asked. "What is your name?" they asked. "My name is Naram and I was chased away from my home by Rath." he answered. "Come with us, we are here for the same reason," said Neron. "But we leave tomorrow."

The three walked through the dense jungle, searching for a path that might take them all back to their den. Naram lived near them so knew he would get home if he went with them. But they couldn't find the path.

Two Weeks Later

As they went Neron felt he kept sensing Rath nearby. He slowed his pace and thought Maybe if one of us tries to find him and draw him to Claw Canyon and knock him of there… His thoughts ran of. "It's too risky," he muttered. But again something was about to happen. It hit him just then." Run!!!" he roared to Meera and Naram. A figure smashed into Naram and he went flying into Neron and they rammed into a tree. Rath grabbed Meera and sped off into the forest towards the river." We'll head him of to Claw Canyon ", shouted Neron. They ran as fast as they could. When they finally caught up to them, Neron leapt into Rath and flung him down on the ground. Naram grabbed Meera and set her on the ground. Neron rushed out and ran down the hill, with Naram and Meera close behind. But they tripped and fell into the river. They went with the current. and left Rath laughing.

When they finally climbed out of the river, their mothers greeted them with happiness. They chorused, "Meet your new baby sisters."


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