by Anthony

There were two brother turtles, Sid and Mick, who ran in to a seagull and a crab. Some of their brothers and sisters were eaten by seagulls. Then they ran to a bunch of washed up seaweed and hid and quickly ran in to the sea.

These turtles were Leatherback turtles who were born 60 days a go by a mother leatherback turtle who layed 700 eggs. Sid and Mick are green and can grow to 8 feet with an arm span of 9 feet. Now they were swimming in the ocean. They were hungry so they ate some oysters and fish.

They ran into a BIG fish wich is a shark that tried to eat them. They swam the fastest 26 miles per hour ever seen. They swam through an anchor. The shark did not see the anchor and crashed in to it and fell asleep.

They swam to a cave to hide from enemies for a while. They took a nap and when Mick woke up he could not find Sid. He called his name over and over again. When he went out he saw Sid playing with a flounder but Mick knew what he was doing. Once mick got there that fish was breakfast.

They found a nice habatat 50 feet away. Sid was so excited He was jumping around but then Mick saw Sid going up in a net!

The man he saw who got him was mean and nasty. Back down Mick had an idea, He pushed the net toward the propeller and cut the net and Sid fell out and swam away.

They swam as fast as they could to their habatat and it had the most seaweed in the world and no sharks or mean men.

They lived the best until they died.




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