by Alex

It was a sunny day in June when George, a one and half year old cougar, was getting ready to go off on his own. George was playing in the grass with his golden eyes and speckled fur shinning in the sunlight. George and his mother live in the mountains of Maine. George loved to climb trees and swim in the river.

His mom called out and said, "George time to learn to hunt!" Even though George didn't want to go, he knew that he had to learn so that he was ready to take care of himself.

So he and his mom trotted along and they saw a few deer but the deer were too fast for George.

They took a long rough trip to the forest and they found lots of animals but couldn’t catch any of the animals in the forest.

They went to the plains. The plains are the hardest hunting grounds because the animals that live in the plains are very fast and very strong. There they saw buffalo. George's mother knew it would be hard for George to catch a buffalo because they travel in groups, they are strong, and they use their horns for protection.

George sunk up on the buffalo, crawling carefully through the grass and trying his best to stay low. George pounced on it like he was taught. He used his front paws because they are larger than the back paws. When George was on the buffalo it started to jump around but George held on and took a hard bite on the neck using all 30 of his teeth to kill it.

His mom was very impressed, because only one cougar had ever killed a buffalo. It was George's great, great, great grandpa. So George was the new best cougar hunter in the Eastern Mountains.



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