by Abigail

One day Elie was wandering around outside of her herd. She wanted to get away from all of the other elephants; they were getting ready to migrate to a new water hole since theirs was drying out. Elie's mother called to Elie and told her not to wander far.

Elie was now out in the forest and she heard some rumbling, at first she thought nothing of it, then it grew louder and louder and louder and suddenly, she saw another herd of elephants stampeding toward her! She had to run as fast as she could to get out of the way (Elie was used to short bursts of speed because had to practice them in her herd for protection from predators). When she got out of the way she told herself,'' I'm definitely going home now!'' But she realized that she was to far out in the forest to remember the way back too her herd and she was getting more frightened by the minute.

The forest was getting spooky and Elie kept seeing her mother's face telling her not to wander far away from the herd. Then Elie saw something move and Elie thought of crocodiles, wild dogs and other predators that might be lurking around her waiting for the right time to strike. Then out of the brush came another young elephant! Elie was so relieved she forgot her fears and tooted a happy, ''hello'' and the other elephant did the same, and they soon got to be good friends. The other elephant's name was Ivory.

It turns out that Ivory was lost as well and her herd is leaving for a new water hole tomorrow too. So they started to travel together the way they had come out. Soon they got out of the forest and were in Africa's savannas. When they got near the middle of the savannas they found a fence and behind it was a whole herd of elephants!

Then they heard a noise; a Jeep was coming toward Elie and Ivory!

Inside the Jeep were poachers. Ivory could tell because she had had an encounter with them before. Ivory and Elie ran for their lives and suddenly they heard a sputter, a click, and then the little Jeep's engine had stopped! Elie and Ivory soon came upon a water hole where they took a mud bath and finally got their heart rate too normal. They rested and slept, since it was now dark.

Meanwhile, back in Elie's herd, Elie's mother and her other relatives were searching high and low for her. Elie's father, the head of the herd spoke to all of the members of the herd and told them that Elie will be found and that we will still go to the new water hole. There was much protest from the herd, but Elie's father didn't change his mind.

In the water hole where Elie and Ivory were, there was a hungry crocodile. When he saw two plump elephants right in front of him he got out of the water hole and prepared to take a bite out of Ivory's leg. But luckily, Ivory suddenly woke up, kicked the crocodile and ran for her life. Elie woke up and was right behind her. After this adventure Elie and Ivory were very tired and once they had gotten away from the crocodile, they collapsed onto the savanna's dusty floor and fell asleep.

It was morning when Elie and Ivory's herds work up, all of them very worried about Elie and Ivory but they kept their plans to go to a new water hole. Both herds started out to the new water hole, without Elie or Ivory.

Elie and Ivory were very scared because they knew that their herds were moving to a new water hole today. So they kept walking and they soon came upon the water hole that Elie used to live at! Ivory inspected the deep foot prints left by the herd; they were deep because male elephants can reach a weight of 11,000lbs and there was more pressure because the elephants were stampeding. Elie said that the herd was probably at the new water hole and that they should follow the prints to see if they could reach the herd. Ivory was sad that she might not see her herd ever again, but at least she wouldn't be alone and she would have friends.

It was only a few hours until the two young elephants came upon the most beautiful sight they had ever seen! A trickling waterfall lead into a water hole surrounded by gorgeous forest flowers and on either side of the water hole were two herds; one of which was Ivory's and the other herd was Elie's! When the two herds saw the young elephants they stopped what they were doing and ran over to greet them! They were so HAPPY to see them! They were hugging and tooting they were so HAPPY they decided to throw a party. The party was a fantastic reunion party, it lasted until the break of dawn with elephants doing elephant dances jumping and swimming were a wonderful thing to do, because the water hole was checked for crocodiles so the elephants wouldn't be afraid when they jumped. Elie and Ivory stepped to the sideline and wrapped their trunks around each other and hugged. When they went back into the commotion they introduced the two herds and they became one BIG HAPPY HERD!


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