Green Iguana

Here are some things that you might not know about the green Iguana. Do you know what it looks like, where it lives, and how it behavior? No, you don’t? Then you can read on and find out.

The Green Iguana has a very interesting appearance. It is green with green spikes on its neck and on its back. It has floppy scales and looks like a tooth in someone’s mouth. It has scales from its head to its tail and is 2 meters long from tip to tail. The tail makes up half of its length. It has 4 toes and claws on each foot.

Did you know that the green iguana is an unusual animal? When it gets too hot for the iguana, it moves into the shade to protect itself, it has pointy spikes on its head that are all the way down to the bottom of its tail. It lives in the forest because there is water to drink and trees for shelter. Did you know the Iguana has many enemies .T hey are the little snakes, bears and fish. If an animal wants to fight , the green iguana runs away. They do not like to fight. If it is in real danger it still runs away. If it is hunting, it uses its 3 eyes on its head. If the iguanas tail comes off they will grow another one.

The green iguana has some interesting facts for us to learn. We can learn about what it looks like, where it lives, and how it behaves too .They are an interesting animal from what I can see.

by Samantha

picture from Wikipedia

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