White Bengal Tiger

The White Bengal tiger is nearly extinct. There are only 5,000 to 7,400 left in the world.

White Bengal tigers grow to about 10 feet long and are fully grown at two to three years old. Male Bengal tigers grow to be 500 pounds and female tigers grow to 370 pounds. They have a pink nose, blue eyes and creamy fur. Even though they are white tiger they have chocolate covered stripes. The stripes that are all over their body , look like fingerprints. White tigers have spots behind their ears that look like eyes.

White Bengal tigers live in southern Asia in India. They live in dense forests, swampy areas and lush grasslands. They sneak around in shady places and sleep in rocky areas.

White tigers are one of the two cat families that like water. They sleep up to 18 hours a day. White tigers have very strong jaw that helps them catch their prey. When they catch their prey they grab them by their necks. They also have a strong sense of smell. They patiently watch their prey at night with eyes that are like night vision goggles. British hunters use to kill white Bengal tigers as a sport because they thought they would be really brave if they killed these ferocious tigers. White tigers are poor climbers but they are super fast sprinters because they run up to 60 kilometers per hour. They can run for short distances very fast but they cannot run long distances.

These magnificent animals are so great because they have a beautiful creamy fur, they go super fast, and they are cool swimmers. They like to be in ware places.

by Pedro

picture from Wikipedia

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