Spotted Hyena

Did you know that the scientific name for the spotted hyena is the crocuta hyena and that hyenas hunt at night because they are nocturnal and that they hunt in packs of thousands?

The spotted hyena gets its name from the dark spots on its grayish-yellow coat. Even though it is from the dog family, it looks like a cat. It weighs up to 138lbs and is a little smaller than three feet. The spotted hyena's head is massive with broad rounded ears and its robust incisors that are so strong they can tear apart a human bone!

The spotted hyena only lives in Africa south of the Sahara desert except South Africa. The animal sleeps in the ground among the rocks. Also the spotted animal can live in many more places in Africa. Did you know that the spotted hyena is known for its eerie laugh? Spotted hyenas also sleep by day in caves and burrows. The spotted hyena’s behavior is very weird and aggressive. If the spotted hyena is head-to-tail or tail-to-head the hyenas sniff each other. Spotted hyenas are also one of the best guards for their shelter.

Now you know what the spotted hyena looks like, where it lives, and how it behaves. This amazing creature is one of the strongest animals of the animal kingdom!

by Phillip N.

Pictures from Wikepedia

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