Seahorses are on the list of endangered animals. Having a horse-like figure, coral homes, different behavior, and quick feeding are what give the seahorse its name.

Seahorse’s appearance resembles a tiny horse and it usually grows from four to six inches long. With its snout, a monkey tail and with a spine of plates, and almost camouflaged body the seahorse is so hard to see, it’s almost like you can’t see it all.

Seahorses have a very particular habitat, the seahorses range mostly along the coast of South America. During the hot summer days, the seahorse spends all of its time near the shore, but in the harsh winter months, the seahorse spends their time in deep waters.

Seahorses behave not much like a horse, but more like a tiger, stalking its prey. Seahorses are very free, when ever they happen to be hungry, they move and hunt freely, spending a lot of their time attached to seaweed, or linked tails with each other. Seahorses swim very weakly because they are only able to use one small dorsal fin which starts a slow vibrating motion.

Seahorses feed on small things like Daphnia, Cyclops, or larva from water insects. They hunt in an ambush style getting their food with a flick of the head. It is more likely for a juvenile seahorse to lose its prey because unlike the adults, they must get closer to their food. One particularly interesting thing about the way seahorses eat is the way that they suck up the food in their snout like a vacuum cleaner!

Unfortunately seahorses have become threatened due to pollution and destruction. Luckily, they now receive protection from around the world, and will always behave as freely, eat as freely, and live as freely as they want.

By Olivia

Picture from  Wikipedia

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