Giant Panda

Imagine yourself climbing a mountain in China and you see a marvelous black and white Panda. Should you run away or just stay paralyzed in your place? The answer is, do not bother the aloof panda and it wouldn’t bother you.

Look at a panda from far away and ask yourself, “Is this just a black and white bear?” No, you are wrong. Yes, it has black dots on its eyes. They have black ears, feet, arms, legs, and back, but its palms are white. Their head and belly are also white. You may think it’s small but standing up its 5-6 feet big as tall as a grown human. How much does it weigh? 276 pounds and males are 10% to 20% fatter than a female panda.

You probably know a panda lives in China. However, did you know it lives in six small areas? The temperature is more on the cold side. It lives in a damp coniferous forest with bamboo farmers who farm the river valleys and lower slopes of the mountain.

Pandas that are wild are more complicated to learn about. Here are some interesting facts about them. Did you know the Giant Pandas shows aggression by lowering their heads and staring at their opponents? Wild pandas do not hunt because they mostly eat bamboo, because they are omnivores. To detach the bamboo from the ground a panda has an extra thumb.

In addition, I have some interesting facts. Check ‘em out.

  1. Pandas are almost extinct.
  2. Pandas eat 10,000 kilograms of bamboo a day.
  3. Pandas are pink when they’re born.
  4. and…If snow was covering bamboo, the pandas would eat mice and uncovered leaves.

So now if you meet a 276 pound panda, you’ll remember to know this aloof bear is an endangered species and don’t pet it no matter how cute it is.

By Matthew D.

picture from Wikipedia

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