Who is the king of the frigid waters of Antarctica, Greenland and Alaska? It is the polar bear. It is the king because no animal really eats it. It is known for its unique fur coat.

A polar bear is a large mammal that can grow up to 7 feet . This winter creature can weigh as much as a brown bear (1,760 pounds). This animal has a clear fur coat to keep it warm, to help it survive and help it blend in with the ice and snow. This animal has 42 sharp teeth and sharp curved claws which help it catch prey. This creature has big eyes to see pray as it swims through the frigid waters of Antarctica. The black nose of the polar bear can smell as far as 20 miles away. Polar bears hear from a far distance.

This large playful animal lives in the frigid waters of Antarctica, Alaska, Canada and Greenland. This bear lives in these cold places because it cannot survive in the heat. These places are mostly made up ice and snow. It is also made up of icebergs and glaciers. Their habitat is always below zero. The polar bear always stays on the shore and sea ice part of the glacier so it can swim to get its food.

This large mammal is an excellent hunter. The polar bear eats mostly meat like seals, walruses, and small whales. Its stomach can hold about 150 pounds of food and it doesn’t drink water. This huge mammal can catch prey in the water. And it runs up to 25 miles per hour, therefore it can easily catch prey on land. Polar bears are also very good at protecting their cubs from getting hurt by watching carefully over them in their snowdens by staying with them almost all the time.

If you take a tour to Antarctica, Greenland, and Alaska you will see the huge polar bear (1,765 pounds). It has a clear white fur and it lives in a cold habitat.

by Linda

picture from Wikipedia

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