The Chinchilla are known as house pets. However, they were used in fur trading as far as back the 16th century!

Chinchillas are small rodents. Their size is about 12 inches long. The females are bigger than the males. Their colors are naturally gray, but people change them to sapphire, velvet, black, and brown. Soft dense fur covers their body. These beautiful creatures have big eyes, long thick fur, bushy tail, with big ears and they stickup.

These social animals don't like to be alone, so they live in colonies. This helps them protect each other from their predators. These tiny creatures can be found in mostly South America. Chinchillas can be found they live in the holes in rocks, caves and burrows. The temperature is cool. They especially like it at 80F. Their surrounding helps them hide from their predator.

The chin has a built in defense mechanism. First, they change their color match to the rock. This helps them blend into the environment. Next, their tail gets stiff firm and their fur is released into the eyes and mouth of the predator. This gives them enough time to escape while their enemies stop to wipe their face. When hunting, they jump rock to rock to rock and they drink dew and condensation on the rocks.

Chinchillas have a good memory. They have a quick escape plan since they are so small. I think it was interesting learning about the chinchilla. They don't like to be alone, so they live in colonies. They are so friendly that anyone could have one, even I can.

By Joshua P.

picture from Wikipedia

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