African Wild Dog

Did you know that the Africa Wild Dog is related to wolves, coyotes, Jackals, Foxes, Dholes, Raccoon Dog, and Bush Dog? Now you can read more information about the Wild African Dog!

The African Wild Dog is different from other dogs. It has a great variety of coats. This colorful coated dog has a combination of these colors: white, black, dark brown, light brown, and blond. If you look closely in this creature’s light hazel eyes, the color is almost piercing! Its intelligent eye color pops right out! This African Wild animal is not so tall. Its length is 30-44 inches long. This Wild Dog’s muscular body weighs about 37.5-80 lb. What also makes it different is its huge ears. It helps the dog hear its prey.

The African Wild Dog's habitat is a grassy savanna in Africa. The temperature of this region is tropical. In this environment, this wild creature’s coat helps camouflage it from their enemies. The enemies of this animal are lions, men and other carnivores.

When the wild dogs go hunting, they are in a large group that has a certain "hidden advantage". They are able to take down the larger animals and chase other small predators away from the kill. They eat very quickly because they are afraid that larger animals will steal their meal.

If you visit the African savanna, try to spot the African wild dog and its colorful coat. You will probably see several of these pack animals searching for their prey.

by Jacqueline

picture from Wikipedia

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