The Komodo Dragon


Let me introduce you to an endanger species the Komodo dragon. This magnificent colossal beast has an appearance like no other animal, the way Komodos behavior is unbelievable, and last but not least, where does this creature lives.

The great appearance of this manicure like colossal dragon. Some people say that it looks like a small dragon, weights about 550 pounds. The length of the Komodo dragon is usually around 10 to 11 feet or 3meters long. Has a long forked tongue just like a dragon. Oh, and did I tell you that they are the worlds largest lizards!

So exactly where do these beasts live? The Komodos can not live in cold places for long periods of time. Isn’t interesting to know that Komodo dragons were named after were they were discovered on the island of Komodo? Komodos live in the cool Flores Island, the island of Komodo, Padar, Rintja and Owenda Sami, Komodos puffer to live in the hot desert and cool tropics.

The way the colossal Komodo's behavior is. The colossal beast often eat each other if there hungry, and often fight each other for fun. These magnificent beasts use their sharp teeth and claws to rip their prey into pieces; also can be very aggressive if they are bothered. The Komodo's saliva has so many different kinds of bacteria so when a komodo bites you can get very sick and die.

So I told you all I know about this colossal, magnificent, remarkable, dragon like, amazing breathtaking beast.

By Jason

Picture from Wikipedia

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