The African Grey Parrot

    The African Grey Parrot is a medium- sized parrot that lives in Africa and is one of the most intelligent birds in the world.

    The African Grey Parrot is a unique parrot because it doesn’t have the bright colors of most parrots. From beak to tail it is twelve to sixteen inches and it weighs around one pound. The bird has a wingspan over one foot long. This animal has feathers that are grey with a maroon or red tail. Its beak is curved and dark grey. This creature has white patches around its tiny eyes.

    The African Grey Parrot lives in central and western part of Africa because of its warm climate and damp areas. This parrot travels in large flocks up to one hundred. In Africa these birds live in lowlands, rainforests, clearings, savannas, and villages. It makes a clutch or a nest in a high tree and lays its eggs.

    This creature doesn’t like to be lonely that’s why the African Grey Parrot owners have more than one parrot. They reproduce in a high tree in a clutch. The mother or female keeps the eggs warm for thirty days. During, those thirty days the father feeds the mother and both the parents feed the chick. This parrot is a very chattering bird although it can be a very quiet bird. Seeds, nuts, berries, fruit, sprouts, pellets, and vegetables are the African Grey Parrot’s diet.

    The African Grey Parrot is one of the most intelligent birds in the world. It is know as the best talker. This intelligent bird can say and remember over two thousand vocabulary words. Burps, farts, sneezes, hiccups, and the sound of the microwave are many different sounds it can imitate. It can also imitate the TV and doors opening which can often confuse the owner.

    When you take your trip to Africa, make sure you listen for the incredible sounds these birds make. Look up into a high and see its magnificent bright red tail.

by Isabella S.

Picture from Wikipedia

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