Learning about new animals is amazing! You learn about where they live, what they look like, and how they behave. That’s what you will learn about this Australian marsupial.

Spiny anteaters are unusual animals because they have three different colors. Its arms and legs are brown, its face is black, and its body has cream colored spines and has small hair that sticks out between the spines. This marsupial looks like a porcupine. It weighs between 8 to13 lbs and varies in size from 15 to 24 inches. The tail of this animal is 3/8 inches long.

This Australian spiny anteater’s environment is either on rocks during the night when it’s still warm or during the day where they stay in the ground under bushes. The bushes provide them shade or keep them dry during a storm. The temperature under a bush is cool. This is great because the echidna live in Tasmania, Australia where it’s hot!

The echidna has many features that are reptilian in nature. One action they do is roll into a ball when they are scared. To protect themselves, they lay in a ditch with their spines in the air so when their predators come, they will get poked. Usually, the echidna uses its hairless snout to search for food. Then, when they find food, they use their 5 ft tongue, and it grabs the ant or termites. The echidna doesn’t have teeth, so it grinds its food between the bottom of its mouth and tongue.

This solitary creature is on the endangered animal list. If people don’t stop hunting this animal, it will become extinct and people won’t be able to help this adorable animal.

by Isabella D.

picture from Wikipedia

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