The African Buffalo

Have you ever heard of an African Buffalo? Well it’s one of the famous "Big 5". The Big 5 is an animal that gets hunted by hunters because they are so dangerous and shows that hunter’s have great courage as he shoots them from a distance with a high-powered rifle.

These large creatures are an amazing sight. The length of its body is 8-11 ft. and its tail is 30-43 in. It weighs up to 1,080 lb. Its face has small eyes and big ears. Also, it has thick horns that are 5 ft. long. The strong creature’s hair color is black and brown and the buffalo’s skin color is a grayish color.

The African Buffalo usually lives near water in the savanna of Africa. The savanna’s temperature is tropical (warm and rainy). It’s covered with grass and has few trees and bushes. These enormous animals live here because it has a good feeding area with plenty of mud to roll in near the water.

The male African Buffalo keeps close to his female and keeping other male buffalos away. They are threatening when addressed to specific individual (single and separate). It doesn’t hunt anything, but men hunt it. If an African Buffalo bellows for help, herds of them protect the buffalo. At night the black creatures get their food.

The African Buffalo’s population decreased a little due to an increase in human’s activities. African Buffalos are herbivorous and are grazing animals. The huge animals are extremely adaptable animals. When one calf is born it weighs around 88 lbs. The brown creatures are highly sociable animals that travel in large non-territorial herds.

Now you know all about the 1,080 lb. African Buffalo. Its appearance, habitat, and behavior are all part of what makes the African Buffalo an amazing creature.

by Frank

Picture from Wikipedia

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