The only marine lizards on earth are the Marine Iguanas. These lizards live in the Galapagos Island.

This unique lizard has an interesting appearance. It is dragon like. It is shiny and has a crest of scales. It looks fearsome, but it is harmless. Females have dark colors like gray or black. Males have green or red on their backs. They have a spiky knob on their head, flat bumpy teeth and a stubby snout that helps to scrap seaweed and algae off rock for food. The Marine Iguana can grow up to 4 feet. Their tail is half the size of their body. They even have webbed feet to help them swim.

The marine iguana’s environment is tropical. They live in the Galapagos Islands which are off the equator, so it is very hot and wet. It is a volcanic rock island. They got there because they drifted there from South America thousands of years ago.

The marine iguanas are really lazy. They swim, walk and sun bathe most of the time. They are herbivores so they don’t hunt. They don’t have a lot of protection, but their head bobbing warns off other males.

Splash! The Marine Iguana dives and scrapes seaweed and algae off the rocks. They are the only lizard that feeds in sea. The marine iguanas might become endangered species because they don’t have a lot of eggs. They can dive up to 3 to 9 feet. They are very cool.

By Billy

picture from Wikipedia

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