King Cheetah

Did you know that a cheetah stalks its prey? Picture you being the fastest track runner however the cheetah is 3 times as fast! The king cheetah's appearance, behavior, and habitat, is "So Cool!" I think you’ll be fascinated!

The king cheetah has a fabulous appearance, check it out. The cheetah has a slender long legged body. It‘s coat is tan with small, round black spots, and the fur is course and short. The cheetah has a small head with high set eyes. The Male is longer then the female. The male is about 152 cm long, and the female is 107 cm long.

Their habitat is where I have always wanted to go, and it is filled with animals, Africa! It lives in the African woods to catch its prey. They live widespread throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. As the cheetah is adapted far speed and is the fastest animal on land.

It has an amazing behavior. The first 18 months of a cub’s life are important. Cubs learn hunting lessons because the mother wants its cub  to survive on knowing how to hunt wild prey and avoid other predators. Females raise the cubs on their own. Females live alone except when they are raising cubs. The female lives alone but when they are raising the cubs they live with the male, but the male does not help the female raise its cub. Cheetahs hunt by stalking their prey and dashing out, then it grabs its prey.

After this information, I bet you can picture it now. Their appearance, behavior, and habitat is assume, we’ll it is cool isn’t it. Hoped you liked it.

By Brandon

Picture from Wikipedia

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